The Carroll Kennel Club welcomes new members who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and subscribe to the purposes of the club as set forth in the Club’s constitution.

While membership is to be unrestricted as to residence, the Club’s primary purpose is to be representative of the breeders and exhibitors in Carroll and surrounding counties.

Each applicant for membership shall apply on a form approved by the Board of Directors and agree to abide by the Club Constitution and By-Laws and the By-Laws and rules of the American Kennel Club. Applicants must demonstrate interest and commitment by engaging in club activities as required by the Board. The application shall include the name, mailing and e-mail addresses, breed(s), signature of the applicant, and carry the endorsement of two members in good standing.  The applicant should attend at least one meeting, to meet the club and its members and for the club to meet the applicant.

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